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Our student speaker at the Mack I. Davis II Awards ceremony mesmerized the audience. Betelhem Tesfaye,a CRLS senior in our College Readiness Program, chronicled her journey from Ethiopia to Cambridge, and the challenges she endured along the way.

“I’ll never forget Ken Shulman, my College Readiness tutor. Betelhem.at.podiumHe helped me with my application essay which many people thought was amazing. Ken showed me how many English words come from Greek and Latin. Like “philosophy,” which is one of my favorite words, because it means the love of knowledge. My life has been an amazing journey. Not just from Ethiopia to America. But also from Amharic to English. In three years I progressed from ESL classes to honors and advanced placement. . . I am grateful to the Cambridge Public Schools, to Cambridge School Volunteers and most of all to my mom for bringing my siblings and me to America.”

During 2014-15, CSV’s programs at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School (CRLS)—the city’s one comprehensive, public, four-year high school—continued to thriveHS.Quote.AR2015.No.1 and help meet the needs of all learners, in all subjects. At the Cambridge School Volunteers Tutoring Center at CRLS, volunteers are matched with individual students for tutoring in any subject, either before or after school. Any student may come to the CSV Tutoring Center to request a tutor. Most students stay with a particular tutor for a semester, and many for the whole year. During the school day, Academic Support Classes meet in the Tutoring Center. Classroom assistants are CSV
volunteers who assist CRLS teachers with individualized and small group instruction within all curricular areas. Our College Readiness Program pairs volunteer mentors with high school seniors—many of whom may be the first in their families to apply to college—for help with
college research, applications, and essay-writing. These mentors help students with financial aid, scholarship applications and supplemental essays.

Corinne Johnson, a volunteer Science Olympiad mentor-advisor and recipient of a 2015 Mack I. Davis II Award, with her mentee in cell biology.

Corinne Johnson, a volunteer Science Olympiad mentor-advisor and recipient of a 2015 Mack I. Davis II Award, with her mentee in cell biology.

Volunteers also assist with Accuplacer testing in the spring, a program that enables capable seniors to test out of remedial, non- credit-bearing classes at community colleges. HS.QUOTE.2015.No.2Drop-In Math is available on a walk-in basis before school every day between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. CSV volunteers are a critical component of the Science Olympiad Program. Each volunteer advisor works with a group of students to prepare for a particular competition event in the statewide Science Olympiad. Here’s a glance at our 2015 volunteer achievements at the CRLS:

  • CSV volunteers gave 16,561 hours to CRLS programs
  • Out-of-school time (OST) tutoring and mentoring at CRLS increased by 38% during the 2014-2015 year, up to 3,229 hours
  • 66% of CSV’s total OST hours are volunteered at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School
  • 20% of all CSV volunteers at CRLS have served four or more years