Upper School programs (grades 6-8)

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Learning Centers
CSV, in collaboration with the Cambridge Public Schools’ staff, provides academic support services to Learning Centers both before and after school. Learning Centers serve students in grades 6-8 with free, individualized tutoring by volunteers who are recruited and trained by CSV. Each center provides students with a quiet, supportive setting in which to reinforce skills, complete homework assignments, and assist with study skills.


Netpals Corporate Program
NetPals pairs every seventh grader in a school with a NetPal STEM mentor for six months of emailing and face-to-face visits to school and work site.

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Classroom Assistants
Volunteers are placed in classrooms to provide assistance with both individualized and small group instruction within all curricular areas. This includes special education, English language learners, art and computers. Volunteers work with students of all levels and assist with a variety of academic needs.