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Art & Science in One (AS1)/Art & Science at Compass (ASC) is Cambridge School Volunteers’ outdoor STEAM program for students in Cambridge public elementary schools. CSV trains mentors in techniques of nature journaling with children. Our staff then matches each mentor individually to one student. Mentors volunteer for two hours per session in a structured, supervised program, accompanied by CSV staff, the trainer, and the classroom teacher. Together, the mentor and student develop and extend their observation skills, make discoveries in and about the habitat at Fresh Pond Reservation, practice drawing and recording information, and learn about nature journaling from a science illustrator.

Drawing Instructor: Erica Beade

CSV Program Coordinator: Julie Croston

Participating Schools/Programs: Tobin Montessori School (spring session) and Summer Compass Program (summer session, piloting in 2018).

Interested in becoming a mentor in the program? Orientation and program sessions for the Summer 2018 Art & Science at Compass (ASC) Program are below.

If you are available for the required dates, please register for an orientation on Eventbrite, To streamline the process, we’re providing some of the required forms at the bottom of the page.


July 5 at 10:15, one-hour orientation


July 12 at 9:15, one-hour orientation


July 20 at 10:15, half-hour program orientation and 11:00–12:00 public program at Fresh Pond Reservation as an introduction to the program site.

Program sessions

July 24 Training Session, 9:15–11:15 [volunteers only, no students]

July 31 First ASC Session, 9:15–11:15

Aug. 2 Second ASC Session, 9:15–11:15

Aug. 7 Last ASC Session, 9:15–11:15

You must be able to commit to all sessions except in case of illness or family emergency. If you can commit to the training and to at least two sessions including Aug. 7, you can enroll as an alternate (substitute) mentor. All regular mentors must commit to the full panel of four sessions.


  • ASC Program Application It’s best, but not required, for you to print and complete the application and bring it to orientation.
  • AS1/ASC Program Reference Form Two references are required. It’s best, but not required, for you to print two copies of the reference form and mail or bring them to two persons who know you. They may fill them out and return to you to bring to orientation, or they may scan, complete, and email them to CSV. At least one must be a professional reference; one can be a personal (but not family) reference.