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ISO New Stem Partnerships

“We are all part of one community here in Cambridge. Many of us are from elsewhere and came here for the nexus of science, medicine, and technology that is so unique in the world.” So says Robert Majovski , a lead scientific advisor at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. “The NetPals program gives us an opportunity to meet young members of our

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Social/Emotional Learning

Alice Cohen, whose personal tag line is “working with kids that other people don’t like since 1972,” spoke to a packed library of volunteers at Cambridge School Volunteers’ (CSV’s) middle school training workshop on October 27, 2016. The event’s focus was middle schoolers. Most volunteers in the room had some experience tutoring, but a few were new volunteers slated to work one-to-one with students in Grades

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Teenage Time Warp to Hit Kendall Square

[Cambridge, Mass]. Cambridge School Volunteers, a fifty-year-old nonprofit partner of the city’s public schools, is orchestrating a Teenage Time Warp in Kendall Square on Friday, September 16, 2016. The organization, founded in 1966 by parents, now musters roughly one thousand volunteers every year to deploy across all public schools. Teenage Time Warp will give the public a view of the lives of Cambridge teenagers from the past but

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Cambridge School Volunteers Honored At Annual Mack I. Davis Event

(L to R): Bill Sullivan (Volpe National Transportation Systems Center Reading Buddy, Kennedy-Longfellow School); Denise Han (Classroom Assistant, Fletcher-Maynard Academy); Matthew Weiss (IBM KeyPal, Kennedy-Longfellow School); Rose Mallard (Kenneth Neal Award, CRLS, ELL); Gail Lemily Wiggins (College Planning & Essay Writing, CRLS); George Kent (Tutoring Center, CRLS); Patricia Almeida (Intergenerational Math Program, MLK, Jr. School); and Jennifer Fries (CSV Executive Director). On May 10,

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