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Say hello to CSV Tutor Charlotte Swartz!

Since 2000, Charlotte Swartz has been tutoring through CSV, bringing her knowledge of math to the classroom and helping students develop their skills through the Intergenerational Math Program. Except for a few years, Charlotte has worked consistently with students one-to-one. In recalling the various students with whom she has worked, she recounts that each individual has been memorable. During one recent tutoring experience, Charlotte

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Say hello to CSV Tutor Judith Rosen!

Judith finds that working with third-graders makes her very hopeful for the next generation. “They are just so smart, and so curious,” she notes. Judith says she loves “that ‘can-do’ attitude!” of her students.For the past two years, Judith has worked with third-graders to create a classroom magazine. She helped them understand what a magazine is, how to choose a subject to write about

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Say hello to CSV Tutor Lesley Hegarty!

“I’m always amazed what curious little beings they are,” Lesley says about the kindergartners with whom she works on writing skills. She remarks how at first some are a bit nervous, since it is their introduction to the educational system, but then, “they just want to learn.” Lesley Hegarty, hard at work helping children learn.Lesley particularly enjoys working with students who are more challenged

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Say hello to CSV Tutor Bob Wolf!

When tutoring and working with students, Bob Wolfe, a previous Mack Davis Award winner, says “it helps to be a grandfather…or grandfatherly…” to students. Bob has participated with CSV as a middle-school math tutor since 1996, first assisting at the Tobin school and then later at the Peabody school to help with their intergenerational literacy program. Bob Wolf, CSV Tutor since 1996.Bob loves math,

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Say hello to CSV Tutor Elaine Schear!

As a first generation college graduate, Elaine Schear understands what it is like for the students with whom she works at CRLS. After earning her undergraduate, master’s, and PhD in educational studies, Elaine has devoted most of her tutoring experiences to students who are applying to college and are often the first in their family to do so. Elaine Schear, CSV Tutor Elaine began

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Say hello to Doreen J Lopes-Smith!

Doreen Lopes-Smith, second from the right, front row, with her fellow 2011 honorees.  From L to R, front: Jennifer Fries, Executive Director; Elaine Schear, Mack Davis honoree; Doreen Lopes-Smith; Susan Milmoe, Mack Davis honoree.  From L to R, back row: Superintendent of Schools Jeffrey Young; Ellen Smith, Mack Davis honoree; Fletcher-Maynard Academy Principal Robin Harris, Kenny Neal awardee; Donald Board, Mack Davis honoree; Mayor

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