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IBM’s Mentoring Commitment Shines At K-Lo

IBM’s Melissa Turesky with her student KeyPal When we think of IBM, we tend to think “computers.” But 19 fifth and sixth graders matched with an IBM employee through the Kennedy-Longfellow KeyPal program learned recently that computers did not even exist 100 years ago when IBM started. Students and KeyPal mentors were treated to a special video on how IBM technology has changed the

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Draper KeyPals Introduce K-Lo Students to Engineering

Draper KeyPal Drew Crete has mentored many students.   Ask any of the 17 fifth and sixth graders matched with a Draper Laboratory employee in the Kennedy-Longfellow KeyPal program, and they’ll probably tell you that the “Hands-on Engineering Design Challenge” is the most favorite part of their yearlong mentoring experience. Students spend both semesters corresponding via e-mail with their corporate KeyPals, but the December

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