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CSV Volunteers Attend Awesome In-Service Training

Several dozen volunteers attended CSV’s last training opportunity of the academic year. Three different workshops were offered: Moving from Reading to Writing (Grades 7-12) led by CRLS teacher, Jennifer Hogue; Teaching and Tutoring Math – Re-teaching Concepts using Questions (Grades 7-12) led by CRLS teacher, Alysa Breyer, and Math as Play: Games and Ideas to Engage Struggling Students (Grades 1-3), led by math coach

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New Schools, New Upper School Learning Centers

Layers of the earth…seventh grade fractions…reading aloud with one’s tutor…8th grade math homework…these were just some of the assignments being tackled by the 6th through 8th graders at a recent after-school homework session at the Vassal Lane Upper School Learning Center. Each student or small group was being carefully mentored by a tutor, trained and matched by Cambridge School Volunteers (CSV). When the school

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MIT KeyPals Share Special Bond with K-Lo Students

MIT’s Aaron Weinberger and his KeyPal Get Acquainted Picture this scene: 22 fifth and sixth graders in a circle facing outward, surrounded by an equal number of adults facing inward, with the circles gently moving in opposite directions to allow for brief conversation. Was it a dance routine or unusual ceremony? Not at all! It was an icebreaker, carefully designed to enable students from

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IBM’s Mentoring Commitment Shines At K-Lo

IBM’s Melissa Turesky with her student KeyPal When we think of IBM, we tend to think “computers.” But 19 fifth and sixth graders matched with an IBM employee through the Kennedy-Longfellow KeyPal program learned recently that computers did not even exist 100 years ago when IBM started. Students and KeyPal mentors were treated to a special video on how IBM technology has changed the

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Draper KeyPals Introduce K-Lo Students to Engineering

Draper KeyPal Drew Crete has mentored many students.   Ask any of the 17 fifth and sixth graders matched with a Draper Laboratory employee in the Kennedy-Longfellow KeyPal program, and they’ll probably tell you that the “Hands-on Engineering Design Challenge” is the most favorite part of their yearlong mentoring experience. Students spend both semesters corresponding via e-mail with their corporate KeyPals, but the December

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