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Volunteers Speak

mentor in STEM in Cambridge with middle school student

As the new school year gets off the ground, and we seek newcomers at our September 25 kickoff orientation (and for our subsequent orientation sessions), we’d like to share some of what our volunteers have said in their year-end surveys about their experience in the Cambridge Public Schools.

These volunteers are from our entire range of programs, from those serving the littlest students to the mentors and tutors who help our high schoolers succeed academically so that they can move toward their post-secondary goals and success in life. Our corporate volunteers are also included in this glimpse into what really goes on when you volunteer in the public schools.

“It was great being able to see my student go from very little grasp of the English language in the beginning to really advancing her reading skills and actively participating in reading towards the later months.”

“It is very satisfying to work with students who fear math and then realize that maybe they actually can be good in math after all.”

“I strongly believe children be encouraged and have the desire to read and enjoy reading. More importantly, I believe they should read from books and less from electronic devices. It’s my pleasure being a part of this program that supports reading.”

“I feel like we just broke through a wall that is allowing more deep learning to happen.”

“Each child is so special to me and their reactions, smiles, playfulness makes this so rewarding each week.”

“My NetPal was genuinely interested in my work and doing research as a whole. I thought it was awesome when he told me he wanted to be a researcher when he was older and ‘apply for grants.’ He also asked some questions that stumped me to the point that I had to make sure I was answering correctly before responding.”

“I think that our one to one relationship was helpful to her. It helped to keep her focused on the task at hand. She was able to complete most assignments.”

“I developed a great relationship with my student, especially when reading books he liked and we got to know a little about each other’s background.”

If you’d like to volunteer, check out our upcoming orientations on the calendar below:

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