Frequently Asked Questions: High School Volunteers

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Schedule Questions

1. How much flexibility is there with regard to a volunteer’s schedule? What do I do if I have, say, a business trip that conflicts with my volunteer hours at the high school? 

There is flexibility for occasional circumstances like this.

If you volunteer in the CSV Tutoring Center, in academic support classes, or at Drop-in Morning Math

…contact James Duche, Tutoring Center Manager/Teacher, in advance. He will let the student know in advance that you cannot attend a session.

If you are volunteering as a classroom assistant

…let the teacher know.

CRLS is a “paperless” school. Some of our college & career mentors are able to share essays with students on Google Drive; they can go online and edit them together. You can still be in sync with your student through technology.

2. I have a question about the before-school tutoring. Is half an hour enough?

We ask that you commit to an hour per week minimum, so if you are tutoring in the morning at drop-in math or otherwise, we ask you to commit to coming a minimum of two days per week.

Other Questions

3. Do the students choose to be in these volunteer programs?

All the students at the high school self-select themselves for programs, unlike at the upper schools where all are referred by teachers or coaches.  Very occasionally some teachers or students do refer students. There is a contract between an individual tutor or mentor and a student. This reinforces the student’s knowledge that a volunteer’s time is valuable. They know up front that if they can’t meet you with, they must email the volunteer or communicate this to the volunteer in some other way.

4. How do you match volunteers with students or classrooms? For example, let’s say I’m interested in working with someone who wants to read better, or write better. How would you match me with a student?

We ask that you be as detailed as possible in your application. Include all your gifts and skills!

Cambridge Rindge and Latin School offers a wide range of classes and programs to its student body, including a technical program—culinary, mechanical engineering, marine biology, nursing and business classes—and Visual and Performing Arts. In academic subjects, there are AP, Honors, and (for some subjects) “College Prep” classes.

If you are interested in volunteering to assist a teacher as a classroom volunteer, it may take longer to place you.  Teachers’ requests for volunteers come to us on a rolling basis, not always at the start of the year. If you want to “hit the ground running,” and start volunteering right away, please indicate all your skills and program preferences.

5. How do I learn more about the high school?

There is a great one-page summary about CRLS on the school’s web page, here.