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Say hello to CSV Tutor Charlotte Swartz!

Since 2000, Charlotte Swartz has been tutoring through CSV, bringing her knowledge of math to the classroom and helping students develop their skills through the Intergenerational Math Program.


Except for a few years, Charlotte has worked consistently with students one-to-one. In recalling the various students with whom she has worked, she recounts that each individual has been memorable. During one recent tutoring experience, Charlotte was working with Elena whom she described as “above-average in math ability.” But Elena rushed into solving problems without thinking them through, often neglecting to check her work and being otherwise careless. Charlotte was able to help Elena through this period. She identified what they had worked on together in class and monitored her progress. By the end of the school year, Charlotte said, “I felt she was on her way to a successful math experience in third grade and in the future.”

Charlotte has had a varied professional life, including work as a classroom teacher, editor, social worker, and developer of training strategies and materials for a high-tech medical equipment company. Each experience has enriched the skill sets that she brings to the classroom, especially in helping students become better at math.

In 2008, Charlotte’s efforts as a tutor were recognized when she received a Mack Davis Award for being an extraordinary CSV volunteer. Charlotte has also started a tutoring program in Medford which is now operating in three schools. She modeled the Medford program after her experience with Cambridge School Volunteers.

For Charlotte, the reward in tutoring is working with and encouraging the students. “I love challenges, especially the challenge of trying (with the teacher’s help) to figure out how to approach the student, how to focus on the student’s strengths and weaknesses, and how to help the student develop a problem-solving technique that will help in his/her future.”

Charlotte considers the teachers she works with as her “partners in the adventure” when it comes to working with students. She points out that sometimes the students who are doing well are the ones who need the one-to-one attention. With the teacher’s consultation, Charlotte works with these students to give them the guidance they need.  Charlotte adds, “My goal is…not just working on present difficulties, but building for future success.”

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  1. Many students just need a little extra help. Teachers today have large classrooms and often can’t give personalized attention to students that need it. For this reason, tutors can really help out a lot and provide students with the help that they need to succeed.