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Say Hello to CSV Tutor J.R. Dreyer!


Here, J.R. Dreyer shares a laugh with CSV’s Tutoring Center Manager Rene Meshon and his partner Jonathan Cutler.

J.R. Dreyer has a long history with CSV, as this 2011-2012 school year will be his eleventh year of service. He has worked with a number of students over the years, both one-to-one as well as in small groups, providing academic support in CSV’s Tutoring Center.

He has also aided in classroom placements, originally in the bilingual program and international student center, and then later in Spanish and ESL classes. He has dedicated as many as twenty hours per week at the Tutoring Center, when not on interpreting assignments.

J.R. brings his experience with both teaching and languages to each of his students. He taught at universities in Colombia and Brazil before receiving his doctorate in international education and language teaching from the Teachers College, Columbia University. He went on to teach for several years in universities in Shanghai, Malaysia, Israel, Spain, and lastly in Mozambique, where he was sent as a Fulbright lecturer. He has taught linguistics, American studies, teacher training courses, comparative religion, American and British literature, among other subjects. He currently works as an interpreter of Portuguese on occasional assignments from the U.S. State Department.

With such a background in teaching English as a Second Language, and languages like Spanish, French, Portuguese, as well as social studies and academic skills development, J.R. has been able to reach out to a variety of students of all ranges and levels.

He has had many memorable students, and “I still hear from some of them.” One particular student was a highly motivated special ed student in his senior year. Ethan was failing French and needed to pass in order to graduate, which J.R. admits “has now become a familiar scenario to me.” Once they started working together, J.R. discovered Ethan’s learning style, and together they made flash-cards and a successful study program. “With hard work, family support and encouragement,” J.R. says, and to the amazement of his teacher and ‘mainstream’ classmates, Ethan “brought his grade up to a B+!”

In 2002, J.R. was a Mack Davis awardee. He gets immense satisfaction giving back to the community and sharing his passion for international and cross-cultural communication with students from diverse backgrounds. He aims to develop a strong and enduring connection with his students, watching them overcome barriers as well as sharing in the joys of their success.

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