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Welcome new volunteers

CSV welcomes new volunteers to our first program-wide orientation for the school year. There is more information about current volunteer needs here.  This kickoff volunteer event will take place Tuesday, September 25, 2018, 5:30-7:30, in the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School library. Dinner will be served. Please pre-register online or call us to let us know you will be coming.  Can’t make it that

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New spaces for CSV

Come say hello to us in our new spaces.  The enrollment at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School has gone up, and with it have come some changes. CSV’s main office has moved downstairs to Room 1105 of the high school. Our high school programs have also moved. The Tutoring Center will be in two spaces: Room 2403 from 7:30-2:30, sharing with the Workforce Program,

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Volunteers Speak

As the new school year gets off the ground, and we seek newcomers at our September 25 kickoff orientation (and for our subsequent orientation sessions), we’d like to share some of what our volunteers have said in their year-end surveys about their experience in the Cambridge Public Schools. These volunteers are from our entire range of programs, from those serving the littlest students to

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